Martin White

Attorney at Law

I began my career in law enforcement as an officer at the Daytona Beach Police Department. During my time there I investigated everything from traffic crashes to felonies up to and including homicides. My assignments included Patrol Officer, Street Crimes Detective, Motorcycle Officer, Criminal Investigations Detective, Special Operations Sergeant and Shift Commander. After 20 years of service, I retired at the rank of lieutenant.

While an officer, I attended the University of Central Florida as a full-time student and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree. Later, I attended law school at Barry University in Orlando while still an officer in Daytona. I retired from law enforcement and graduated law school one year later. I passed the bar and began my second career as an attorney.

As an attorney I was an assistant state attorney in both the 7th and 9th Judicial Circuits and have prosecuted criminal cases in both. I handled cases that ranged from misdemeanor and juvenile cases to felony cases that included vehicular homicide, drug trafficking, armed robbery and racketeering. I have tried several cases in both county and circuit court. 

Now I focus my practice on representing law enforcement and correctional officers throughout the State of Florida. I represent officers through internal investigations, certification challenges, and criminal investigations including officer involved shootings. I have successfully represented officers in administrative, arbitration and criminal hearings and trials. As an attorney I also continued with advanced training.

In 2014 I successfully completed the Force Science Institute Analyst Certification training program. As a result, I am a certified analyst with Force Science Institute. With the benefits of my experience, education and training, I am  the uniquely qualified  contract attorney and/or call-out attorney with several law enforcement unions and legal defense organizations.

I am currently a contract/call-out attorney for the following law enforcement unions, inalphabetical order; Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association, Florida Police Benevolent Association, (FPBA), International Union of Police Associations (IUPA), and Teamsters.

I am also a contract/call-out attorney for the Professional Law Enforcement Association, (PLEA). [PLEA is a use-of-force insurance program for active and retired law enforcement officers.] In addition, and on the civilian side, I am a contract/call-out attorney for the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, (USCCA).

I truly love my work with officers throughout the state and encourage ALL officers to either become a member of a union or purchase a policy from PLEA. NOTE: USCCA does not cover on-duty events. You never know when someone will lie to get you into trouble, or if you find yourself in a position to have to utilize deadly force. Most incidents takes a millicentic 

No matter your choice, you need to make one! If you are under investigation of any kind, your access to knowledgeable legal representation is imperative. Contact me, a brother officer, to provide you with experienced and knowledgeable representation!

Martin G. White, Attorney at Law
Mailing Address:
10524 Moss Park Rd., Suite 204-143
Orlando, FL 32832
Phone: (386) 301-4086

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