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            As law enforcement and correctional officers, we have all worked hard to obtain our law enforcement certification   or correctional officer certification . During our careers the training and learning continues through mandatory retraining courses and other training and educational vehicles.

            If you are accused of officer misconduct that could be considered to be not of “good moral character,” or other violations of Florida Statute 943.13 the officer certification that you have worked so hard to obtain and maintain may be in jeopardy. The State will take such an accusation seriously and YOU should also. Protect what you have earned with a professional officer certification defense.

Probable Cause Hearing

            The process to suspend or revoke a certification starts with the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission Panel’s determination if there is probable cause to go forward with a complaint against an officer. Probable cause hearings are frequently held for the Commission to make the decision to go forward or not.

            If the decision to suspend  or revoke  an officer's certification to go forward is made, then there are two types of hearings that can follow and you are going to need a professional officer certification defense. Those hearings are those that involve disputed issues of material fact and those that do not.

Material Facts In Issue

            These types of hearings used to be referred to as formal hearings and are similar to a non-jury trial. An administrative law judge will be assigned to the case and conduct the hearing regarding your certification. Witnesses can be called, examined and cross-examined. Evidence may be introduced and objections & arguments made.

Material Facts Not In Issue

            These types of hearings used to be called informal hearings and will be held in front of the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission Panel. There, the officer, or the officer’s representative, has the opportunity to present evidence of mitigation in order to defend your officer certification.


            When the certification that allows you to work in your chosen profession is at stake you are going to want someone who not only understands your position, but is also knowledgeable about the process. You are going to need a professional officer certification defense.

            I have the background to understand how important your certification is to you and your family. Let my background be to YOUR benefit. Contact me for a free consultation today.

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