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When a law enforcement or correctional officer is facing a criminal charge the ramifications can reach much further than an average citizen. Not only does the officer face the criminal charge, but there can also be publicity via the news outlets which holds the officer out to public ridicule. This can translate to political pressure for those in the prosecutor’s office to make an example of the officer and can also pressure those who are involved in the officer’s career. Criminal accusations can be devastating to a law enforcement or correctional officer career. Do not take criminal accusations lightly no matter how ridiculous they may be. Your career, freedom and family's future may be in the balance. 

A  Criminal Charge Can Reach Your Profession as a Law or Correctional Officer

            Unlike criminal accusations made against most civilian defendants, the law enforcement and correctional officer must also concern themselves with not only the criminal aspect of such an accusation but they must also concern themselves with going through an internal investigation, losing their jobs as a part of discipline and also possibly losing their state certifications.

Each Process Has Different Legal Components and Processes

    A process that involves criminal, internal and certification investigations and their collective defenses are wrought with a multitude of seemingly endless and conflicting rules & procedures. 

Don’t go into an interview or interrogation alone.

            If you are under criminal investigation , or even suspect that you may be, you have a right to be represented. Contact Attorney Marty White and let his experience Work for you! Representing officers throughout Florida.

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