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            Once a trooper, agent, deputy, police officer, or corrections officer is facing discipline in the form of being suspended  or terminated  their rights don’t end there. The officer is to be afforded a hearing in which evidence and witnesses can be examined. Depending on the agency and any union affiliation there may be different avenues available to defend yourself. At those hearings it is best to have an experienced attorney.

A grievance can be filed.

            If the officer is a member of a union, then the discipline may be challenged if it violated the collective bargaining agreement. The agreement will likely contain a process for challenging the discipline  which will likely end in a hearing in front of an arbitrator which resembles a non-jury trial. An attorney who is experienced in representing officers in arbitrations will provide your best chance at a positive outcome.

An appeal can be made to PERC.

            If the disciplined officer  is a state employee, such as an FHP Trooper , FDLE Agent Fish & Wildlife Officer  and State Dept. of Corrections Officer , as a Career Service employee an appeal can be made to PERC  (Public Employee Relations Commission ). A hearing date will be set and a preparation process begins. The hearing is normally conducted by a PERC hearing officer and is conducted much like a non-jury trial. Don't go through this process without experienced officer discipline defense in PERC hearings. 

An appeal can be made pursuant to local laws.

   Counties and municipalities generally have an appellate process in place for officers who are disciplined that are governed by their ordinances or other rules or laws. It is important to locate those rules as soon as possible because some of those rules do not provide a lot of time to file the appeal and if the filing is late, there is more than a good chance that the appeal will be denied as untimely.

   If you have been disciplined in the form of a suspension or termination you don’t have to go through the appeal or grievance process alone. It is likely that the agency will have an attorney representing them in the hearing. You should also have an attorney to represent you with your officer discipline defense. 

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