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Representing Florida Officers During Internal Investigations


             Whether you are a Trooper, an Agent, a Deputy  or a Police Officer, as a law enforcement or correctional officer you have rights under the Florida Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights  if you are accused of misconduct  and are the subject of an investigation  by your own agency. Among those rights is the right to representation during the internal investigation. These rights are triggered whether you are questioned by Internal Affairs or supervisory staff. 

What constitutes an investigation under the Bill of Rights? 

        Any time an officer  is asked about their own conduct by a member of their own agency and you reasonably feel that it could lead to discipline , that triggers the protections of the Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers Bill of Rights . It can only help for you to be represented by an experienced attorney during your internal investigation.  

What are your rights? 

  • You have the right to have representation present during an interview  or interrogation .
  • You must be informed of the nature of the investigation prior to the interview or
  • You must be informed of the names of all complainants prior to the interview or
  • You must be afforded the opportunity to examine the evidence against you prior to the interview or
  • You must not be subjected to offensive language, threats or offers of reward.
  • As well as others including the rulings in Garrity and Weingarten. 

What if the agency does not follow the rules? 

  • The interviewer must be told what part of the Bill of Rights has been violated.
  • If the interviewer continues to violate the rules, the officer must request that the agency head be informed of the intentional violation.
  • Once the request is made, the interrogation ends and the officer’s refusal to answer any more questions cannot be considered a policy violation.
  • Written notice of the violation and a request for a compliance review hearing shall be filed with the agency head.
  • If the members of the agency fail to comply with the Bill of Rights then the next option is to seek relief from the Circuit Courts. 

Don’t go into an interview or interrogation alone! 

            If you are being asked questions about your conduct and you feel that discipline is a possibility, you have the right to have representation. Contact me and let my experience work for you! 

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